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Congratulations on the purchase of your Ultrasound Simulator!

Every Ultrasound Simulator has been specifically designed to be the most realistic ultrasound phantom available. We welcome your feedback and suggestions by going to


MedXPress takes pride in its quality design and manufacturing standards.


Ultrasound Simulator Model insert and base is warranted against material defects and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, a defective part or product will be replaced either with a new or reconditioned part or product, depending on the availability at the time.


This warranty covers normal consumer usage and does not cover damage incurred through use not consistent with the product design.



What To Do

Damage to packaging and/or contents during transit from factory

  1. Snap a photo of shipping box before opening
  2. If box is damaged, contact the freight company
  3. If storage case or case contents are damaged or missing, snap a picture and contact MedXPress or complete an online form at….


Missing components

  1. Confirm the missing items in included with this model
  2. If so, contact MedXPress or complete an online form at….

Missing internal components

  1. If you feel your model is missing internal components (e.g., nerve, muscle, bone, vessel, compare picture scan and product description to confirm
  2. If confirmed missing, save the scan and complete an online form at….

Note: The model must be inserted in the base to view bone


Damaged internal components

  1. Damaged components such as leaking vessels must be reported before the use of needles.
  2. Damage will not be covered if a needle track mark is present

Note: The use of needles larger than 20g may damage vessels unless the model design is intended to be used with a larger needle.

Damage to skin/tissue

  1. Damage to skin and tissue is only covered if visible when received.
  2. If damaged when received, snap a picture and contact MedXPress or complete an online form at….

Note: This product is manufactured with plastics that can sustain damage from heavy pressure and sharp objects

Mold in vessels

  1. Not covered – preventive action:

a)Empty water and allow to dry before replacing cover

b)Clean and dry model before replacing transit cover for storage

c)Clean and dray procedure tray before storage

d)Clean and flush needles after each use


Failure that results from alteration, accident, misuse, vandalism, or neglect is not covered under this warranty. This warranty does not extend to any products that have been used in violation of written instructions. To ensure the fastest response if you ever require support, we recommend that you complete the online product registration form and submit it to us at



Review the model specific instructions for use before using the product.


Expose to temperatures below 10 degrees C (50 F) and above 40 degrees C (104 F) may cause damage to the product.


While product is hypo allergenic it is still recommended to wear latex free gloves while scanning. Wash hands after use.


Ultrasound Simulator should always be contained on the Procedural Tray as it may react with other materials such as PVC, polycarbonate, polystyrene and rubber.


Always handle with care to avoid damage to Ultrasound Simulator.


Only use the 17CCHA supplied tablet power supply


Cleaning and Maintenance


Always store in the transit case with the transit cover securely placed over the Ultrasound Simulator.

Do not place objects on or under the Ultrasound Simulator as the tissue is soft and may be damaged by the object.

Use New Sharp appropriate size needle (21/22 gauge) for the block being performed.

Never use a needle larger than 18 gauge.

Avoid damage to Ultrasound Simulator while repositioning the needle by removing and repositioning the needle. Aggressive repositioning of needles can cause permanent needle track marks and may permanently damage your model.

Dull needles may cause permanent damage.

While models can be injected with clean water such action will reduce the life of the product. Water will be expelled but should always be cleaned to reduced risk of biological contamination during storage.



Remove all water prior to storage.

Clean the external surface of the unit with mild soap and warm water or alcohol.

Store in a dry place at a temperature between 10 C and 40 C (50-104 F).

Do not use bleach or any abrasive material to clean.


Common Issues

Issues – Ultrasound Simulator

Possible Solution

Reflections: If your model requires water the presence of air in the fluid vessels will produce significant reflections.

To remove air bubbles;

  1. Remove luer cap
  2. Hold the Ultrasound Simulator vertically with the open luer end of the vessel pointing upward
  3. Tap the Ultrasound Simulator gently to dislodge any trapped air
  4. Replace the end cap
  5. If air is still visible then drain all fluid from the vessel and refill

Needle visibility may decrease due to track marks in areas of heavy use.

  1. Scan an adjacent area to allow the Ultrasound Simulator to recover 

Mold: A constant wet environment inside any fluid filled chamber can encourage growth of bacteria, mold of fungus. Remove water for storage.

  1. Remove cap from vessel
  2. Drain fluid
  3. Allow the vessel to dry before replacing vessel cap
  4. Clean and dry outer surface before replacing transit cover over Ultrasound Simulator
  5. Flush the chamber regularly with a 3% chlorine bleach solution
  6. Fill chambers with a 3% chlorine bleach solution instead of water

Poor scanning detail

  1. Adjust (increase) Gain
  2. Adjust Contrast/Brightness
  3. Ensure ultrasound gel is being used
  4. Ensure the correct probe is being used
  5. Follow quick start guide


Tablet PC


Issue – Tablet PC

Possible Solution

Will not turn on when received

Note: Battery life is typically 1-2 hours unless using the camera or playing video content.

  1. Ensure battery is charged
  2. Contact MedXPress at
  3. Complete the form to return for replacement


Tablet will not charge

  1. Attempt to charge via USB
  2. If it charges, replace tablet charger
  3. If it does not charge via USB, contact MedXPress at
  4. Complete the form to return for replacement


Missing software

  1. Power down and restart Tablet PC
  2. If the App doesn’t automatically start or the camera is not recognized, contact MedXPress at

Camera not functioning

  1. Check USB connection
  2. Restart Tablet App
  3. Attempt wireless connection

Needle Proximity Indicator does not appear to be functioning

  1. Check power switch is in the correct position
  2. Replace Battery if no power light
  3. Ensure battery is in the correct orientation
  4. Text by connecting a needle, sliding the power switch to the on position, and touch the tip of the needle to the gold pad. If it beeps, it’s working
  5. Redirect your needle towards the nerve until it beeps


Nerve Proximity Indicator not beeping

  1. Follow step 1 in the previous section
  2. The needle tip is not near of the target nerve
  3. If no beeping and confirmed tip contact with nerve, contact MedXPress at and complete the form

Nerve Proximity Indicator light does not illuminate

  1. Ensure power switch is the correct position
  2. Test by connecting needle and touch test pad
  3. If beeping is heard, the LED is defective. contact with nerve, contact MedXPress at and complete the form